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OnTheGoBoss will be producing a series of educational yet fun to read books dedicated to the African American community in particular young African American boys. We have decided to go the self publishing route because we didn’t want to change our message, or character designs to “be more appealing to the masses” as we were told by many large publishing companies. Our characters feature a young black male embarking on travel adventures as he learns while immersed in the cultures he is surrounded by.
Project Ends on July 30, 2019
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UPDATE: As of Thursday, May 30th, we are now in the final design stages of two of the books. These books feature African-American boys as well as other ethnic races as the secondary characters. They engage their young audience through a unique learning experience via travel, and a factorial dialogue.
The books were created by a mompreneur who saw her young son more engaged and excited by characters that looked like him during his daily reading and learning experiences.
These books include:
Basic learning elements for ages 1-5Cultural elements, landmarks, people, and references Fun games, and activities for each book, Engaging colorful pages, References to fact checked scenery, and landmarks
About The Author
OnTheGoBoss is a Black Woman Owned small business that is self funded and created from the ground up selling products that are hand made or custom ordered. OnTheGoBoss has plans to become an national house hold author & name reaching all major predominantly black communities with her books and custom items.

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